Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sex toy review

I have THE BEST TOY to recommend. I've tried many over the years. I've spent the money on a wevibe 4, (technically I didn't, I got my boyfriend of the time to buy it for "us"), it was, and remains, the most disappointing toy I've ever tried (the same can also be said for the now ex boyfriend). 

 My favourite toy prior to finding Penelope (she is so good, she deserves a name), was a bodywand.

The large, rechargeable, heavy, loud, and intense machine was magic. It opened me up (bahaha pun pun pun) to things I'd never tried, never felt before; some were good, others we will not discuss. Towards the end of it's life (it never had a name though, take from this what you will), it was no longer rechargeable, it needed to be plugged in to use, the cable needed to be in such a position to work, and the head of the wand was, let's say it was less comfortable than in the past.
(I will interrupt myself here, to say that my toys are always cleaned thoroughly and appropriately after use. The health of my bits and pieces is priority)

The decline of this old favourite led me to research and hunt down the toy to end all toys.

I failed.

However, Penelope (<- that's a link!) comes as close as I thought possible to that goal.

I have a handful of suggestions or improvements, but those I will keep to myself, for now.
The first thing I noticed was her shape, smooth and curvy; smaller than I imagined, but after use I now see this is not an issue at all. She is so soft (high grade silicon) but hard, and honestly it feels like the soft skin on the head of a penis (which now makes me think that calling her a "her" is kind of weird), or the soft satin of the inside of a woman's.........ok, you get the idea.
She is light weight, but powerful, and I was honestly surprised at how quiet it is. Rechargeable via a USB cable, and is waterproof (splash, or submerged).


The best part, bitch is flexible too!!! Ooooh yes, this beautiful lady, with her engorged (too far?) head, and gentle curve into a phallic shaft (seriously, too far yet?), only gets better. Bend her nearly in half, revealing what I can only say is everything the WeVibe range promised to be, butnnever.actually.delivered.on**. This curved marvel can now be used internally and externally at the same time. It can be used solo, with a partner (in many ways) with either or both types of genitalia, this gem is suited to all.

The motor is in the bulbous end; the buttons are on the end of the slimmer shaft, and on the end of this is the waterproof power jack. There is a power button, you press and hold to turn off and on; and the menu button, press to cycle through the 10 vibration options.
Note - these are powerful! Even the lowest of the 3 continuous vibration settings may be too strong for some, but thankfully there are 7 other options for you. Oh, and the buttons also light up, enough to see them without my glasses on, but not bright enough to light the way to your bits, as handy as that may be for some.

It comes with just a USB charger cable; with a confronting charger pin (like headphone jack, but with more length), which fits through the pinpoint tiny hole at the very end of the toy shaft, it's a tight fit but she spreads (*smirks*). No travel/storage bag, which I'll admit was disappointing.

So far this range of toys is only available in a soft pink - mainly due to CalExotics donating proceeds from the sale of this range (Called Inspire™) to Living Beyond Breast Cancer®. I love this idea, products for women, helping women, making women happy, all good things.

This is not a sponsored post or anything, I'm not well known enough for stuff like that to happen to me. I'm just a woman who found a good toy, and is now sharing this joy!!! I couldn't recommend Penelope more, except if they made my improvements, but until then, I say it is well worth investing in this, or one of the others from this Inspire range. 

**Yes, I know every body is different, however, I know I'm not alone in my WeVibe disappointment, if it worked for you, congratulations.

****All pictures are taken from th CalExotics profuct website which is linked above.